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FilmMagic; Landov(2); AbacaUSA; PictureGroupWhat a day to mix GAMEDAY with RUNWAY! The Super Bowl XLVI had as much good fashion as it did good football! A few of our favorite magazines, InStyle and People, got straight to work unveiling all the celebrity choices and well, I couldn’t  have done it better! Click on the links below to see all the AMAZING details!

Miranda Lambert’s Super Bowl Outfit: Exclusive Details! Really want the details on the little spaghetti tank she had under her coat..anyone??

Madonna’s Over-the-Top Super Bowl Looks: All the Details!

Kelly’s BANGING New Do! Definite nod to the form-fitting black dress and two-toned patent pumps. I’d dress up to sing our National Anthem, too. 😉

















Ok, Katy, there are no words except these…pick a team and then pick a stylist. Maybe not in that order.

Maria, I love everything about this outfit! It’s the kind that we talk about here at Gameday Runway… be seen but not look out of place, look trendy but also be able to scale those stairs and bleachers- or in her case, the stairs to her box. It’s the PERFECT outfit that will have the guys looking twice and the girls dying to get their own sparkly jersey! Oh, and obsessed with her hair. OBSESSSED.

And last but not least….Gisele. First, let me say I love the modelesque, uber-cool outfit you make look painless to throw together. The giraffe print black and white scarf that you have shamelessly been seen in before, the Balenciaga leather biker jacket, with a Chanel Classic Flap in lambskin leather…I don’t think it gets better than this WHEREVER one may go. That being said, is brushing your hair just too much to ask for?

And as for your post game comments, these are some of the best tweets I saw in defense and otherwise….

  • Gisele, I like it: stickin’ up for your man to an obnoxious heckler, with spot on analysis of big reason why Pats lost!! #catchtheball  @cbfowler
  • Dear Gisele: it’s not a good idea to criticize professional athletes when your field of expertise is standing still. @BorowitzReport

What did you guys think of the  game, the clothes, the half-time show, of Giselle? We would love to hear!


  1. Love Giselle’s outfit!

  2. Love her outfit, the scarf, love her attitude! She is a great model, very professional and I believe person.

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